this is a private blog for my design students and assorted other survivors. Tro blemakers all
this is a private blog for my design students and assorted other survivors. Tro blemakers all.
this is a private blog for my design students and assorted other survivors. Tro blemakers all.
this is a private blog for my design students and assorted other survivors. Tro blemakers all.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yuko Shimizu

YES! DUMBO mural
80 foot wide double murals in DUMBO, Brooklyn were completed in September 2015. The murals were comissined by the DUMBO Improvement District in partnership with Two Trees Management Co. and NYCDOT Urban Art Program. The mural project was in collaborations with Sagmeister & Walsh. I have designed the illustrated side of mirroring double murals that spell “yes!”.  The other side, the graphic typographic mural , designed by Wade Jeffree of S&W, is in the last photo. Both murals were hand painted by Coby Kennedy.

The murals are located just outside of F train York Street station. You can see more progress photos and the map of the exact location here and here
creative director: Stefan Sagmeister, designer: Wade Jeffree
illustrator: Yuko Shimizumural painter: Coby Kennedy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Katherine Streeter lives in New York City.  Her work  is commissioned and shown globally which includes her collage dolls and mixed media paintings.  She believes that everything processed creatively feeds into the work she does commercially, and she often has too many personal projects mapped out in her sketchbooks. 

Once upon a time, she had a full time job at as the staff illustrator, where she created numerous pieces daily.She was a panelist for the Society of Publication Design speaker series: 'Do it with Illustration: Under the Influence with Today's Most Arresting Illustrators".Also, being one of 25 artists chosen for The American Illustration Time Line exhibit, her work is traveling globally in honour of the 25th anniversary of the annual book.  Prior to this, she was invited into the contemporary illustration exhibit The Fabulous Coloured Pencils of the World,  hosted by Cultural Association Teatrio in Rome, which included 43 women artists from around the world.Some of her clients include:The New York Times,Harpers Magazine,Warner Brothers, and Target,among others. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

watch this or I'll smack you

Logorama from Marc Altshuler on Vimeo.

face time

typography conference in SanFrancisco

Typography Conference: Transform 

Typography_3 /// AAU

The job will be to create a conference that addresses a pertinent issue facing 
the topic of typography and role designers play when using typography as means 
of communication. 

A conference put on by ATypI. A forum for discussion on the transformation of 
communication and design in the digital age through talks, exercises, experimentations, 
and social events.

With the proliferation of media, we have to question the future of communication. 
It is speculated that in the future, humans will have microchip implants to transfer 
data and communicate with one another. This means that one day, we will no longer 
use printed material, letters, or even proper sentences, and will use only simple 
codes and data readers with highly evolved circuit boards. Circuit boards play an 
avid role in the way we communicate today. They mechanically support and 
electrically connect components using conductive pathways in our radios, 
cellphones, personal computers, and other communication devices. The 
evolution and the future of communication, technology, and design are discussed 
at the three day event. 

Concept: Circuit board, code, data, evolution. 

Friday, September 04, 2015